Gazebo and Interlocking Project

Aloe Ave

One of the best features that every house in Canada doesn't have is a finished and beautiful backyard and it's all because of the harsh winter we have upon us each and every year. However, Nice Home Canada offers a variety of options for your backyard just like The Aloe project which has an all-season gazebo and interlocking thanks to the extraordinary job of  Farhad Moosavi and his team.


Our client asked for a California-style gazebo but since we knew it won't be useful to our client, we offered something worth making and also usable in at least 3 seasons. It's always hard at the beginning due to the requirements of permits and also calculation but we got it done.

The End

After almost 1 month of the Nice Home team's hard work and dedication, the project was delivered with utmost satisfaction to our dear client.